Designed with original art from emerging artists

Limited Edition: signed, numbered,  handcrafted and individually produced

We strive to heal the world with art…

We contribute to causes supporting the health and education of children



I just started painting and I never stopped! I love challenges and not afraid to attack anything when it comes to my creating art. Some artists just stick to a certain style because that’s what they are comfortable with, but not me! I am more comfortable being creative in all different directions. My colors are dazzling, nothing is wasted, no lines are spared and I’m often telling a story with each element serving a purpose. To try and define my style of art is to take something away from the energy of my work. It is eclectic and untouchable. I enjoy working with glass, wood, paint and other exciting elements of texture and transparency. I love to try different things and different techniques. Because of my creativity, my work is highly sought after by collectors and can be found in the homes and private collection of art connoisseurs throughout America and Canada. I am a proud wife and mother of three, grandmother of eight. I reside in Delray Beach, Florida and spend my summers in Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada.

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