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Andrew (Andy) Hollimon



Most artists express themselves through their work: their choices of creative projects, their development of projects, and the individual inner artist as an underlying basis for their work.  All artists create with pure devotion to aesthetically pleasing an audience, a client, a customer or ultimately aesthetic pleasure for a viewer or listener.

Andrew (Andy) Hollimon, hereafter Ana`Alu, creates and develops from the same artistic creative vision and mission.  Ana`alu develops with a personal devotion reaching the eye as a portal to individual sensory perception which in turn generates interest as the foundation for piquing consumer interest.  He creates with a methodology that embodies detail, unfiltered and unrestricted use of color, focused like a novel theme with visuals that deliver a message often delineated via the title of the piece. If asked to categorize his art he will share his style of painting as Realism with a Twist (towards the surreal) and occasional patterned Abstracts. All with a personal mission  to capture an audience, and entertain with visuals and offer a visual reward to any viewer who views the piece in close proximity. “Wow, as I look closer I didn’t see that from a few feet away!”

Ana`alu isn’t a specialty or theme artists. From his favorite piece of Jimi Hendrix and his unique left-handed use of a Fender Stratocaster (2014) through the frequent development of wildlife pieces, to landscape scenes, moonscapes and much more frequent real life storied pieces, he employs Realism and uniqueness ground in originality.  Oil colors, acrylic gesso, modeling paste, and canvas are the tools of his craft.  The brilliance of oil paint applied on heavy gesso(ed) canvas (front and back) facilitates quick drying and ease in blending colors.

Originality…..Ana`Alu wasn’t fortunate in life to have derived the benefit of didactic lessons in art development; in fact he has never experienced an art lesson. He often refers to himself as a “painter” who develops pieces of art, vs. an actual “artist.”  He often responds to questions about being self-taught with, “I consider it a gift.” 

Ana`Alu’s background post high school includes military service, post-secondary education through graduate school (MBA), 38 years Human Resources Management Fortune 250 Corporations and seven years college level Business Administration instruction culminating in 2 years as Business Administration Chair, Stevens-The Institute of Business & Arts (Siba).

Ana`Alu’ is a recent immigrant to South Florida from the US Midwest.  After retirement, his daily goal is to spend a few hours each day sketching and painting on canvas.  Without realizing the decision to move to Palm Beach County would to “period” work that will span exploration of tropical themes through a future challenge of exploring more wildlife pieces (especially the beauty of the butterfly and the unparalleled beauty of Earth’s Moon). Of course, an underlying devotion to depicting the human side of Americana also holds a place at the forefront of his artistic endeavors. 

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