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Jean Catherine Howard



I was born the second of four children to high school sweethearts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After graduation from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism I signed on with Vista, Volunteers in Service to America and lived in the inner city in South Providence, Rhode Island.

Searching for my passion I worked in publishing in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. but found my true calling in photography earning a masters in photojournalism from Ohio University.  The Palm Beach Post hired me as a photo editor and photographer where I specialized in stories about people who needed a voice.

After marriage and adopting two special needs children my passion turned to art. I became a visual artist and worked at The Center of Creative Education and taught art at Sacred Heart School while raising our two adopted sons in south Florida.

Two years ago I began to draw and watercolor stories on recycled paper. I questioned: How am I tending to the enduring stories in my life?  What is my “Rule of Life”?  What in life moves me and why do I create art from those narratives? I found my art represents metaphors for life and reflects our human story:  The poet who had been abused; the society matron flying her friends to Morocco; A boy catching toads for his neighbors; A teen migrating from Africa to the United States, etc.  The work represents the funny, curious, courageous moments in life we hold we dear.   I believe art heals. I hope my art encourages appreciation for our diversity and joy in our connection to each other.

Teaching and sharing in a creative way has been my true calling in life. 

Jean Howard

July 22, 2020

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