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Marcella Novotny


Marcella Novotny is an artist and fashion designer from Genoa, Italy where she lives and works.
A graduate in Architecture from the University of Geona, Novotny’s artistic journey began as an illustrator with an emphasis on Black and White contrasts.

All of her works begin with a “BIC” black pen.  The use of the “BIC” pen for Marcella is an signature aspect of her works and expresses her love for this iconic object.  After a deep search and full dedication to Black and White contrasts, in the last few years Novotny has switched to using bright colors – exploring and investigating different pigments and using canvas, wood, plastic and resin in her mixed media works.  Novotny constantly explores contrasts and paradoxes in her works.  Her latest works feature 3D resin sculptures as part of her canvas landscape.

Novotny has exhibited her works all over the world – from her native Italy to Dubai to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Marcella has achieved “International Art Rockstar” status from the statement pieces and the personality she brings to Art Fort Lauderdale year after year, including an installation mural in that city she created in 2019.

In her first TOROSIETE Museum exhibition, we bring you one of her earliest collections of color works.  “Nor Black Nor White” explores her vibrant use of color, and is her tribute to strong women.  Her bold use of colors, textures and mixed media celebrates and is a tribute to the many emotions and faces of women from all over the world.

Artist Statement
“Nor Black Nor White” is a collection of my first experimental color works.  They tell the stories of the changing forms of complexion, features and multiple emotions of women – faces of women that I have seen all over the world.  This tribute to women, whether they be sad, beautiful or bad, is a composite of all the women in the universe.  The strong colors, mixing of the pigments and acrylics create the essences of today’s powerful woman. – Marcella Novotny

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