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Marcos Conde


Marcos Conde is a visual artist in South Florida focusing on painting and public art projects.  He was born in Peru and grew up in different cities since moving to the U.S. at the age of six. Despite not going to art school nor having creative influences while growing up, he practiced as a self taught artist whose journey into art started in his early twenties, as a therapeutic practice.

Since then, he has continued to develop a colorful body of work that portrays a sense of movement, energy and emotion. He has worked with different private and commnunity  organizations to develop many public art installations. He has also participed in teaching art workshops in Broward County Libraries and the Sheriff’s Office for children in  different surrounding communities.

He has created art installations for Broward, Miami, and West Palm Beach art event and businesses. His client commisions include city municipalities, public schools, corporate offices, retail stores, and different sized businesses and homes in the U.S.

He has been highly influenced by the impact of public art on his own life and has spent the last few years using his experience and creative ability to desing and install artwork that integrates into different public spaces. His initiative was to use his creative ability to realize artwork that is available for different neighborhoods to enjoy.

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