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Naira Marcano


Naira Marcano was born in 1984 in the east of her native country, Venezuela. From an early age, she was attracted to art in all its expressions, being the plastic arts where she has ventured with greater force. She grew up near the sea, but for family reasons she traveled regularly to the mountainous region of Venezuela, in the Venezuelan Andes; where colorful art characterizes that region, being present in every corner of that beautiful geography.

Her interest in the plastic arts also had great influence because she was born into a family of artists. She studied Graphic Design hence the use of lines and fonts in almost all of her pieces, reflecting this trend in her art. 

She is an artist in constant search and this leads her to experiment with new elements that include abstract elements that nourish her work. Lover of detail and human figures from a modern and often caricature perspective, ranging from organic to illusory. She has been greatly influenced by different modernist artists without losing their essence, what makes her an artist in constant evolution. She has participated since very young in events related to art in his native country, however many of her works left the Venezuelan borders.

Her pieces do not have a standard and range from tiny pieces to large murals, all loaded with a lot of expressiveness and color. Among her current perspectives is to continue improving her technique creating a new reality in the eye of the beholder.

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